404 error

I can’t access boingboing.net on my Windows 7 machine. I can get here, into the forum, but not to the site.
I get redirected to http://boingboing.net/cgi-bin/redirect.ha and a 404 error
bb is working just fine, however, on my husbands computer.
Any ideas?

Searching for that filename returned this


Do any of the solutions there work?

Thanks for your help codinghorror.
I think I did not find that response because I was searching for “404 Error” and not the file name.
Never the less, I was looking for the “settings” tab of which the directions speak, and could not find such a thing,
I opened up my Firefox cookies and did not see an ATT cookie, but I carefully went through and deleted every spurious cookie,
Still no change, same error page.
If you have some idea whose “settings” I am supposed to be looking for, and where it can be found, I will gladly try again.

I suggest doing more searches for that filename, consensus seems to be that it is a local browser problem and doesn’t have anything in particular to do with this website. You could also switch to a different web browser (if you are using Firefox, switch to Chrome, if you are using IE, switch to Firefox) and that will probably fix it too.

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