"Older" link in the view page format


When I get to the bottom of http://boingboing.net/page1
and click the link for older content to load page 2 it points to
http://boingboing.net/page1/page/2 which is 404. (s/b http://boingboing.net/page/2 or http://boingboing.net/page2)

At first I thought it was because I boing@werk and that it was IE being stupid, but now I am at home and firefox is the same.

Can we get the link fixed?


There’s a topic ‘Bugs with the new BBS system’ that would be interested in this, I’ll cross post.

I’m an idiot, that’s for the BBS, not boingboing proper.

Hey @falcor @frauenfelder, summin’s wrong down at the watering hole!


What are you trying to tell them?
Oh, Page 2 fell down the well?


I noticed this a while ago - but if you switch to using http://boingboing.net/page/1 as your start point it then correctly amends the page number when you click on the link for older page content.

Hope that helps!




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