5 bidets on sale that are going to completely change your bathroom experience

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C’mon, it’s a great idea. You know you’ll love it. Why don’t you get one, that’s what you need (if your family hasn’t convinced you yet).

Getting that Brondell 1400 was the best decision I made all year.

Be on the lookout for Amazon Renewed deals - I found one for less than half this.


This electronic bidet features an endless warm water spray, heated seat, warm air dryer, nozzle oscillation, replaceable deodorizer, and a cool blue illuminating nightlight.

That, indeed, does sound quite nice.

It’s bliss. That heated seat, especially. I’ve had to unlearn subconciously bracing myself before sitting on a cold toilet seat on a winter morning.




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Also relevant, since I finally got around to watching this the other night:

Right idea, but wrong solution.

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I bought a BioBidet USPA 6800, spent quite bit of time wiring an outlet for it and really enjoyed it but… after my wife’s second UTI in three weeks, the first she’d had in decades, we realized it was a problem. It seems that, for men it’s a dream but for women, it can be the opposite.

I would gladly purchase one of these but the savings on toilet paper would force me to lament recently acquiring a stockpile of it from Costco …but then again i could probably just hawk individual rolls on a street corner… mmmmmmm bidet.

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Make a little birdhouse in your bowl.


They need to add a coronavirus angle to the advertising- “what will you do when there’s no more toilet paper?”


As an enthusiastic user of Japanese toilets (I refuse to call them “bidets”) for years now, I can tell you your toilet paper won’t go to waste. You’ll still be making a single pass, I call it a victory wipe.

And to anyone on the fence about buying one of these, it’s worth every penny, even for more expensive units. I got a Toto E200 8 years ago and the thing still works as well as the day it was new. and makes old style straight toilet paper usage seem barbaric. Join the clean assed masses!


My problem with using bidets that I’ve tried is in drying. Are we supposed to have a stack of towels? Are we supposed to share a towel? Are we supposed to use paper towels as we feel better about not using toilet paper? Are there bidets with air-blowers?

Last time I used one, there were none of the above. I should have checked first.

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and thus, we use TP.
Bidets are about getting cleaner. Period. The add-to-your-toilet kind are sometimes themselves hard to clean, so that needs to be a practical consideration when choosing which one to buy.

What happens when you use all 5 at once?




Toilet paper used to dry gets messy.

I have one. It’s one of the cheaper ones like the one first pictured…but it also has a ‘self cleaning’ function that cleans the housing, so it had two knobs instead of the one pictured.

It’s some getting used to, especially if you have high water pressure…I can only use it with the dial at the ‘1 o’clock’ position. If you turn it up any higher that thing would blast peanut butter out of shag carpet.