5-year-old boy calls 911 to rat out the Grinch stealing Christmas, ends in arrest


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/12/19/5-year-old-boy-calls-911-to-ra.html


“Why are you stealing Christmas?” TyLon asked him with an unwavering gaze.

After a moment of thought, the Grinch just shrugged his shoulders

The Grinch hated Christmas - the whole Christmas season. Now, please don’t ask why; no one quite knows the reason.

Apparently, not even the Grinch knows.



Yay good guys? This kids going to have a different kind of Christmas when he sees what happens to perps with brown skin instead of green.


No person was shot, that’s a good day.


Some men just want to watch the world burn …


Or, if there are more positive interactions between POC youth and the police we just might turn this thing around. This isn’t going to magically change everything but it’s a good start.


Thank goodness. I saw the headline and figured the kid had been arrested, because that’s where my poor cynical heart goes these days.


Or the promotion of manufactured PR stunts might lead to the continued acceptance of a murderously racist police state.


It’s not the civilians watching this video who are going to change their behaviors and somehow stop getting shot, it’s the cops who are getting poison from all kinds of other places… This video isn’t even a drop on that bucket.

I would find a racially re-worked training rubric for cops, to be far more heartwarming.


“…the Grinch later died of cardiomegaly while awaiting trial.”


Or the Grinch doesn’t want to talk to some accusatory pro-christmas type who won’t be understanding. Dude probably comes from circumstances and has trust issues.


Good on the kid for having his heart in the right place, though. Too many people are having their Christmas stolen both literally and figuratively.


What, no “snitches get stitches” references? This place must getting classier.


Sneeches get leeches?


Wait until they arrest the kid later this year when, having been encouraged, he calls for more petty offenses such as when his siblings take the bigger slice of cake, or commits the crime of “not touching him”


Whistleblowers get thistlemowers festooned with blue grisselflowers!


Seconded. A pleasant surprise, for sure. But the initial interpretation didn’t even make me blink at this point. The fact that the people who would arrest the kid and the ones who would go to so much trouble to humor him out of kindness are from the same species, let alone from the same nation, still doesn’t make sense to me.


Well now, that was a wonderful thing! (Yes, a suspension of cynicism is required, but you know…tis the season.)

Here’s a cherry to go on top, from a simpler, Grinch-free time:


LOL. That deserves double likes.