Police arrest 14-year-old who dressed as sheriff and "responded" to crimes


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I just want to type GRIN. Can I just type GRIN?


Kids at that age are at high risk of wanting to join a gang. /s

Seriously though, sounds like he needs counseling. Hopefully our backwards “justice” system won’t throw him in jail.


Are the police worried he will do a better job and actually care about his community?


But can he pass the Chicken Test?


this kid is my hero.


I said aloud “Oh Florida Man!” then nearly choked to find it was CA


Meanwhile, other 14-year-olds are eating Tide Pods, so I guess this isn’t that bizarre, comparatively.


“Respect my authority.” Cartman, Eric.


Now that he has passed the practical, when does he start?


Strangely, he installed a body camera on his own person, always ran it while on duty, and offered up video immediately on request. What’s more, the footage attests to the fact that he made it a point to serve and protect his community. Reports state that he plans to start a law enforcement consulting firm as soon as possible.


He didn’t shoot anybody? Rob any immigrants? Plant some evidence?


It sounds like the kid is harassing these people, but maybe he is like the autistic train-enthusiast that can’t join the MTA, so he just steals the trains and runs them flawlessly until caught.


They knew he wasn’t a real cop when showed up and didn’t immediately grope/beat/frame/shoot the suspect at the scene.


Cara, what a sad story. This pior Guy is stuck in maze without exit.


Now any time they fuck with you, just yell “FAKE COPS!”


There used to be a website that chronicled these whackers, but a quck search shows it shut down long ago.



I was living out in West Hollywood when a Hollywood strangler was strangling women. Every night there was a panel discussion on tv about the strangler, speculations about his habits, his motives, his methods. One thing was clear about him: he only strangled women when they were alone, or with other women. And the panel members would always end the show by saying:
Now for all you women, listen: don’t go outside without a man. Don’t walk out to your car, don’t even take the garbage out by yourself; always go with a man.

Then, one of the eyewitnesses identified a policeman as one of the suspects. The next night, the chief of the police was on the panel, and he said:

Now for all you women, whatever happens, do not stop for a police officer, stay in your car. If a police officer tries to stop you, do not stop, keep driving and under no circumstances should you get out of your car.

For a few weeks, half the traffic in LA was doing twice the speed limits.

ETA: Forgot to credit, Laurie Anderson.


A Hollywood strangler and not The Hollywood strangler? What a world.


Yup, I just checked the recording and she says “a.” That’s post-modernism for ya!