Man attempted to rush police to find his carjacked vehicle by telling them a 7-year-old boy is inside

Originally published at: Man attempted to rush police to find his carjacked vehicle by telling them a 7-year-old boy is inside | Boing Boing


Did they ever find the 7 year-old boy?


Fuckwit fails to think through consequences of own fuckwittery. News at 10.

How did he think he was going to explain the absence of a 7-year-old in the car if they found it, which was his clear desire? Did he think they’d just shrug and admire his cute and clever joshing?


Man, this was like a hundred years ago.


If that fine doesn’t exceed the replacement cost of his car then he’ll still come out ahead.

Glad this incident didn’t end in some sort of tragedy. When I was living in Pasadena CA 9 years ago some guy got mugged by a teenager a couple blocks away from me. In order to get his 911 call taken seriously he lied and said he was robbed at gunpoint. So of course when the cops tracked down the unarmed, black teenager they shot him dead. The cops didn’t face any consequences (of course) but the guy who filed the false police report was initially being charged with manslaughter before pleading guilty to a lesser charge.


In other news, police don’t take carjackings seriously unless you tell them a kid was in the car.

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Are you suggesting police SHOULD take the theft of a vehicle as seriously as an active abduction situation involving a minor?


It depends on the car. Or the minor.

Yeah just no.

Besides, for all we know some cops on the other side of the city were in the middle of apprehending some other car thief when the report went out over the radio and they had to drop what they were doing to join the rescue effort for a nonexistent kid.


Multiple things can be true at once. This guy can be a huge asshole who potentially put innocent Black and brown lives in danger (not just the life of the actual thief), AND this incident illustrates that the police don’t necessarily prevent crime, especially property crime, whatever their unions might claim.

The chances that other thieves got away with stolen property that would otherwise have been returned to its rightful owner because cops were pulled off their beat for this chase are, I suspect, rather small. More likely some other Black and brown people who otherwise would have been needlessly harassed instead got home or to work without being interrupted.


The reporting on this is still confusing. Was this even a carjacking at all? Or just a stolen vehicle and the whole “held up at gunpoint” thing was fake as well? Because I can’t see someone who had been found to commit armed robbery being released like that.

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That assumes he was not insured.

If the fine does not exceed the cost of his insurance excess (deductible) he’ll still come out ahead.

What if it was a Morris Minor?

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One thing that needs to change is people who do this must repay the wasted money (taxpayer money) if it can be shown it was clearly a falsehood as it obviously is in this case.

A $500 or even $5,000 fine is not sufficient. Society needs to be made whole as I belive the legal wording runs.

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