5 years after Texas GOP's attack on women's reproductive health, TX leads developed world in maternal mortality

“Kill the poor, not the unborn”

(Saw this in Factsheet 5 about 26 years ago)


So the GOP are baby killers. Imagine that.


And, to be more precise, they also don’t care about the lives of babies as long as the mother dies with them.


In fairness to Texan legislators, they’d probably be receptive to proposals for bringing hispanic mortality rates to parity with black ones.


Did you expect them to eat them alive?

Beause I totally did.


There it is. Thank you. I’m certain this has nothing to do with the rights of the unborn.


But not fetus-killers, which is the primary area of concern for them.


And that’s probably exactly how they see it: " It doesn’t affect anyone that I care about, so it doesn’t matter."


Considering that Texas has a significant number of foreign mothers going there to give birth I thought it would be good to compare those outcomes to the births to native mothers. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any readily available statistics on this. The birth outcomes reports don’t make this distinction.

The better test is to ask them how many PREGNANT WOMEN they have taken in, provided healthy food, safe lodgings, and proper prenatal medical care, and then supported post-partum until the new mother is able to support herself and her child.

Taking someone’s child isn’t the best solution for family poverty.


As we’ve seen from the information presented above, the largest racial group is African-Americans, not Mexicans and/or other Latinos.


This is unbelievable. And even from over the pond, and I’m always careful to not judge and or mangle. What can I do, what can most people over there do? But this makes me incredible mad, sad and frustrated.
Only thing I can think of: please raise your daughters and sons as strong knowing beings who can stand for there rights and freedoms.
And in the last bit I walk into trouble… ‘’$define rights and freedoms’’


I see (at least part of) your point, but I’m examining the behavior and commitment of protestors, not trying to find the best way to help parentless children or solve the problem of poverty.

I use my test to discriminate between the many pro-life people who are driven by hatred and the few anti-abortion people who are driven by love. Your test won’t work for that.

And I’ll confess, as an adoptive parent, I am a little offended by your dismissal of my efforts to make the world a little better place. “Taking someone’s child” is pretty harsh; I normally only get that kind of criticism from Catholics.


I can’t think of a witty GIF that works for this.

I just want to cry at the awful, awful “pro-life” plague afflicting America


I didn’t see her comment as a judgment upon you personally; merely a statement about how full of shit such folks are.

Most kids waiting to be adopted have not been “taken” from parents who want them and can afford them.

You are correct in that there are some pro-lifers who actually walk the talk, but they are far and few between.


The life and health of the woman isn’t part of the equation? That’s what the anti-choicers think. Saving two lives is even better than saving one.


Not all immigrants are Hispanic. Not all Hispanics are immigrants.

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Citation please…


We’ve got vestigial pro-lifers over here, mind. They’re more like an appendix than a raging, malignant tumour though.


I like you, Liz, and I know that you are exposed to a lot of right-wing haters in your family and your work which naturally predisposes you to think ill of the right wing as a group.

But I won’t castigate any adoptive parent for not saving the birth family of their child, and I don’t think you should either.

If two children are drowning, and I can only save one, is it fair for anyone to condemn me for not saving the other? Do you think that the emotions you’re arousing in me when I think of the one that I left to drown are something I deserve to feel, and that I should sit here and mentally punish myself for my failures, because doing the best I could apparently just wasn’t good enough?

I believe I did the best thing I could do for my daughter’s birth mother; I did the thing she asked me to do, which was to provide for our child’s health, safety and future. When you characterize that as “taking someone’s child” it raises my hackles. The children in my family who weren’t born of my blood were given, given freely by informed choice, and not taken. They are mine, and I am theirs. My daughter’s mother was offered free abortion and she chose to bear our child to term because she believes abortion is morally wrong, even though she knew she could not provide for another child herself.

I try to make a distinction between the very few anti-abortion people who are good folk trying to live by difficult principles, and the very many anti-choice people who are not anything of the sort, and the best way I’ve found to distinguish between these two subgroups has been to go up and talk to them, and what I talk to them about is adoption.

(Incidentally, I’m really, really harsh on the haters. None of them have tried to assault me yet, but it’s been close a couple of times… they especially dislike the fact that I’m not Xian but I can quote the bible at them…)