$50 gadget reduces washing machine vibration


WhirlOut works. For bad cases, may need to use it 1x/week until you see some progress.

I use this too bc the funk builds up fast out here with our calcium-rich water. I also use a toothbrush and 9% vinegar to scrub the rubber gasket/cowling. No matter how much this kind of maintenance sucks, it’s not as bad as doing one’s laundering by hand.

And this Enviro-Magic green stuff is sometimes hard to find but it works very well. I have removed mildew with it when nothing else worked. I used it for a few decades: http://www.amazonpp.com/mildew-stain-away.html

Caveat: check your septic system and if you need stuff safe for your septic fields read the dang product labels before you buy and use the product.


[sitcom voice]

“My wife would kill me if I removed her one source of pleasure!” :joy:


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