6 year old shot & killed his 2 year old sister after finding gun that was left out, parents took 2 hours to call for help & then the father had a standoff with the cops

Court documents show when crews arrived, Massuros barricaded himself in the basement with an AR-15 and threatened to harm himself several times.

Officers from the Pataskala Police Department and Licking County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene to negotiate with Massuros. The situation stretched on for hours until Massuros took his finger off the trigger and could be tasered, according to court documents.

The worst thing about this? It was mentioned near the end of the article.

Court documents also reveal that the wife of Massuros said he frequently left loaded weapons, accessible to anyone, in the house. Those documents also reveal there have been approximately 60 domestic calls to the home involving guns and knives since 2009.


There’s so much protection happening in this story — the father’s right to own guns was protected, which led in turn to the 2–year–old being protected from having to grow up and the 6–year–old being protected from growing up without a legacy of crippling trauma and emotional disturbance.

I’d like to give a giant shout out to Wayne LaPierre and all the politicians he’s got in the tank for another family protected by a gun in the home. Hope you get everything you deserve, Wayne. Really soon.


At least the guns are safe, thank god…/s


the grand jury will consider two charges against Massuros — endangering a child and inducing panic.

You’ll notice it’s not murder, or even involuntary manslaughter, or negligent homicide. Laws against negligence with firearms are criminally lax.


We need a lot of laws surrounding guns and the “red flag” laws should be the first.

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Maybe I’m just a terrible person; but this seems like one of those situations where responding to a threat of self-harm with “Your proposal is acceptable.” would be awfully tempting.


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