Toddler shot and killed his father


2 years too late Mr Darwin.

We’d hesitate to let our 2 year old hold a pencil for fear she’d hurt herself (or us)… HTF do you let a toddler play with a tool designed to kill?

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*Toddler shot and killed “responsible gun owner”.


If only there was a good toddler with a gun there to stop it.

Police say there was also a woman in the home when the shooting happened. It is unclear whether she will face any charges.

I’m sure the police will find a way to charge her with something


It was self-defense?

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Awaiting the flood of conspiracy theories about how a live bullet could possibly have been in the rifle.

Oh wait, nope.

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Still won’t cry as hard on the witness stand as Rittenhouse.


Toddlers with guns killed quite a number of people last year.

The only thing that can stop a toddler with a gun is a good toddler… with a gun.

The most important thing we can take away from this of course is that this was unavoidable.

Bet that kid was excited to hold such a cool gun tho!



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