64 per cent of women prefer country music stars to creepy evangelical hypocrites

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Lukensia - her name supposedly means “bringer of light…”

No it doesn’t. According to my best google ninja skills, it means nothing at all.

Bringer of light would be “Lucifer.”


I do like the TV show based on him.

I’m pleasantly surprised that Zsazsa Gabor is still around. I hope being on a sleb-zine’s deathwatch is a sign that she’ll have many more years ahead of her, and the same for Michael J Fox.

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The child is Haitian, but the online Haitian-to-English translators I’ve tried have whiffed on it as well.

It’s not French but it might be Creole.

Ok, dear magazine writers: You have hit upon my pet peeve.

Bra sizes do not work that way.

The number is the circumference of the rib cage, usually determined by measuring just under the bust and sometimes just above the bust as well. When someone gets breast implants, it doesn’t change the size of the rib cage.

The letters are volume in proportion to the rib cage number. Therefore, a size 32DD, 34D and a size 36C actually have the same volume, just different rib cage sizes. Once you get past DDD in most ranges, you don’t just double or triple letters, you start using the alphabet like a normal person. So, assuming that this is a normal range (and it’s the National Enquirer so I know that’s kinda a stretch), So that would make, assuming that her rib cage is really that size (I doubt it), a 38F or G (G would be British sizes since they stop at DD iirc).

The more you know, dudes. The more you know.


Bra letters don’t stop at DD in the US. You have to go to specialty stores to find them.

Oh, I KNOW. Trust me. I KNOW.

The DDD designation stops though and switches to a more standard alphabet system.


Yeah, I’ve always felt that tripling the letters was marketing crap for certain chain sellers rather than anything meaningful for consumers.

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