$650k settlement for man stomped on by South Carolina cop

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Hmmm, speedy response, appropriate charges, a cop being fired for being a violent psycho bigot, I’m honestly pleasantly surprised. I mean, I shouldn’t have to be. But I’ll take it over yet another blue wall going up.

Of course, here’s where people tell me that every cop in Orangeburg, S.C. threatened to walk off the job because how dare you or something. But here’s hoping!


Meanwhile, those conservatives who think only in terms of dollars strenuously avoid thinking about the fact that bad cops (and really rotten police culture) cost taxpayers a lot of money.


Who could have imagined someone named David Duke could be such a shitheel?


the former officer is fully cooperating with state police in what he called a difficult and unfortunate situation

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The sooner the settlements for their f’ up behavior comes from the police budget/police pension, we will continue to see this shit, until then…


The perp cop’s name is David Dukes? Really?

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Not nearly enough money. He deserves more than enough to buy a nice house in a nice neighborhood, and live well for the rest of his life on the remainder.

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