$79 gadget will "show the true, confident you"


Front-page links seem to be mostly broken in chrome–you can only get to the stories on the “blog” side by clicking on the timestamp (“1 hour ago”). EDIT: Actually, it looks like it’s just this story and the Dragon’s Lair story below it. Also, I don’t see a link in this story to the product… EDITED AGAIN: Appears to be fixed now! Thanks!

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Broken in Safari, too.

Why, they’ve invented the world’s first Posturepedic Joy Buzzer™!

And the tag line: “Are you ready to be lifted?” — are they talking about posture, or rapture?

PS Comments are back? Since when? I just noticed. Yay.

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A confident person wouldn’t need a $79 gadget attached to themselves all day to remind them how confident they appear. The premise seems negative (not to mention nagging) similar to, but not painful, as dogs’ shock collars. At least a positive training approach would be more rewarding and fun for those who need confidence building from an electronic trainer. Hits of Nutella every time you sit up straight? Good job!

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I think the tag line “lifted” meant as in ripped off.

This would work better if inserted into the anus.

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Cheaper solution…


Aye aye aye! is that for real? What if beloved leader dropped his Samsung in front of this soldier? Imagine the soldier’s dilemma.

I believe this is actually a PRC soldier, sir.

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Tooth implant for a stiff upper lip?

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