8-bit Philip Glass


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Alright, this is the third time it has seemed appropriate to post about Mort Garson’s Ataraxia on BoingBoing in two days, so I guess I’ll just get it out of my system. Maybe I’m way behind the curve, but actually came to it last week when the MBMBAM podcast D&D spinoff used it for their intro/outro/break music. Man, I’m beginning to think there may have been something to the satanic panic, as that song has been the most haunting and persistent earworm I’ve held host to in quite a long time…

As a bonus (really just for me…) the first comment on the Youtube linked in the OP was "Perfect for my D&D game! :smiley: "

It seems to be a compressed version of the whole album rather than just Prophecies.

But it still evoked the same imagery in my mind, even though it has been years since I last saw the film. And what images --the haunted eyes of an old man. The atmosphere as an ocean. A shattered rocket’s long, slow tumble from grace. Still the best marriage of music and film I’ve ever experienced.

and without the vocals and the percussion :frowning:

Oh, but the latter isn’t missing, because Koyaanisqatsi doesn’t have percussion. Powaqqatsi is the one with the strong percussion parts. My mistake.

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