Black Dynamite, the instrumental versions


Wax Poetics is good stuff. Wonder if the local record shop still carries it.

I’m pretty sure that this soundtrack is basically from a library record called “Drama Suite” by Themes, b/w the soundtrack for “The Hanged Man”. 1976. This might have been mentioned as I did not WTFV, but this music has been around for a minute and as it was library a mess of people have licensed it. And sampled it. If memory serves, Quentin Tarantino used some bits of this in the Kill Bill films.

In short, all of this soundtrack is already available on wax. There are boots and reprints galore, but the OG still pulls good money on the open market. It’s less a soundtrack to a fakespolitation film as it is a way to get people to hear the awesomeness of Alan Tew and Alan Hawkshaw.

“Chicken and waffles?!”
“THAT’S IT!!!”

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