80 percent of Americans agree they disagree


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Are there polls out there that try to parse the fraction of Americans who just think it’s rude and unpatriotic, or somehow damaging to national security to admit you disapprove of the sitting president, regardless of party affiliation or personality?


I disagree.




Let’s just drop the pretense and admit what’s actually happening. 40% of Americans are racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, nationalists and the other 60% hate them for it.


What I disagree with is that that many of us actually agree.



I read this somewhere recently on the intertubes, and maybe it explains the divisiveness, or just part of it.

Paraphrased and embellished.

Not true for any specific person, but predictive for large groups.



Agreed. I don’t agree that we disagree either.



Its frightening to think 4 of 10 Amerikans support this bloviated jack ass of a child. How do you deal with supposed adults who wear shirts saying ‘Fuck your feelings’ with big ol’ candy ass grins on their faces? Then, I look at my immediate family. I just can’t get my head around it.


trying to find an answer to my original question above, I took a side-trip trough a couple 538 posts about approval ratings. George W. Bush had a disapproval rating of just 10% after his first year one of the lowest in modern history, only behind JFK. That tells me that these numbers cannot possibly be saying what we think they’re saying.


You were right up to 35, but I’m skeptical about that last part.


No, we’re in quantum superposition. Each American has a 40% chance of being prejudice and 60% chance of hating themselves. Until Thanksgiving, when the wave collapses and it all comes out.


I can’t stand them. Hate is a tad strong, All is One after all, including those idjits.


The first three of those are Douglas Adams.

I don’t know which misanthrope came up with the last one but they don’t appear to know many people over 55.


To complicate that a bit:

  • That 40/60 split describes the voters, not the people. Thanks to America’s Americaness, voters and non-voters are very different groups. A consequence of this is that there are probably less Trumpists than you might imagine.

  • Regrettably, racism/misogyny/classism/imperialism/etc are not exclusive to the GOP. Pretty much all of the major problems are, to at least some degree, bipartisan.


Thank you very much for identifying that source! I hadn’t a clue. Now, at least, I can properly attribute it.

As to the thing about people over 55…

Have you met any older Republicans lately?


Thankfully no.


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