Nearly two thirds of Americans think President Trump is a criminal

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He is not going to leave office easily or quietly.


Franken/Weiner 2020

Because who the fuck cares anymore? /Xs


No matter what this guy does I don’t think we’ll ever crack that 27%-30% crazed-nut that would be fine with a white-ethno christofascist state.


Yet at least 40% of American voters would vote for him again over any Democratic opponent.

…this is somewhat more disturbing.




Most of us, especially media people and establishment Democratic types, really can’t bring ourselves to accept how absolutely committed most conservatives are to destroying this country in its present form.

@beschizza what will really blow your mind is that they say and think the exact same thing about Democrats/Liberals.



Yeah, they say blacks are the real racists too. Part of learning to win is learning not to compromise with it. Hands on hips, not chins!


just a thought that the moderate democrats will refuse to impeach him if he gets re-elected because they will take it as the “will of the people” and be too afraid

meanwhile we are going to get a vanilla moderate democrat candidate because the party is going to be too scared of that 40% to put up someone progressive, as if anyone who would vote for Trump would vote for ANY democrat

and while we are all distracted with all this endless nonsense that he gets away with and normalizes because the press just repeats it endlessly without any consequences, the senate republicans have now posted like 100 conservative judges to the federal court system, we’ve been setup now for decades and decades of hell

none this can be undone now, it’s all too late and it shouldn’t be this hard to get people to do the right thing - the wealthy are just going to move into their penthouses and private gated communities and turn up the A/C to deal with climate change while we suffer


As I was saying…


The single most likely outcome of 2020 is Biden being elected president and pardoning Trump. Two big, stupid, shiteating smiles, shaking hands in the Rose Garden, and every media outlet fawning over it, then laying off all their journalists.


“Add to that, Michael Cohen, a known liar headed to the big house, has more credibility than the leader of the free world.”

Well, given that the lie he was caught in was, “The president told the truth and didn’t commit a crime,” it’s hard to give the president more credibility than he has. Which is why it’s so damn weird that Republicans - including Trump himself - keep trying to defend the president by harping on about how we can’t believe Cohen because he’s a “convicted liar.”
(I keep thinking of the old logic puzzle about the two brothers, one of whom always lies and one always tells the truth, but you don’t know which is which. Getting a straight answer out of them requires asking one about what the other would say, so you know that the response is always a lie.)


They think people who point out racism are racists. To them, if no one ever mentioned racism it wouldn’t exist.


From the article you linked to Rob:

“Trump himself has warned ominously that the people would revolt if he were impeached, but the idea of a second civil war to defend Trump is an ever-present topic among the right-wing media, reflected regularly in headlines on conservative news sites.”

Funny how it’s always the right who fantasize about this scenario. War, death. destruction. It’s almost as if they’ve forgotten the utter carnage that was The Civil War.

Also, Mr Tom Clancey’s estate seems to be trying to cash in on the Civil War hand wringing…


Nearly two thirds of Americans think President Trump is a criminal

In related news, a little over one third of Americans are fucking morons who aren’t so sure the earth revolves around the sun.

Which, if we do, we should go to the ends of the fucking earth to support and get into office. Can you imagine the self-righteousness and selfishness it would take to not wholeheartedly support a “vanilla moderate” Democrat over Donald J. Fucking Trump in 2020? If Trump wins in November 2020 (and I think that’s at least as likely as not at this point) and I hear someone in December 2020 talk about how they voted for a 3rd party candidate or stayed home to punish Democrats for not running a progressive enough candidate, imma either have a stroke or catch a damn case.

Unlike Nixon, I genuinely don’t think he cares about preserving the office or the system in any way, so he has no qualms about burning it down.


Clancy died in 2013.


Clancy/Ubisoft I’m sure his estate still has an open bank account.

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That is still better than not bothering to vote at all. Plus, it only makes a difference in swing states. We need ranked choice voting!


We need a lot of things, but we also have to live in the world as it is and win under the system that exists. Unless the Democrats put out a Lieberman/Farrakhan ticket, it’s pretty tough to justify throwing a vote away to send a protest message, “safe” state or no. At its heart, the issue remains whether it is more important to move the Democratic needle from ok/acceptable to ideal, or to replace the Trump administration with something that isn’t actively terrible on every conceivable front.


I have a way to avoid that. If the establishment democrats try to win them over instead of appealing to fascist-adjacent “moderates” who aren’t ever going to vote (D) then it shouldn’t be a problem. I’m not talking about becoming far left (No candidate so far fits that description), I’m talking about recognising that antagonising a large section of voters is not how you win elections. If you need the left wing to win then start behaving like it!

Oh, and this time can they do their late campaigning in swing states, not deep blue ones like California?

Believe me, I want Trump/Pence out of the White House, but the Third Way liberals need to admit that it is not 1992 anymore before that can happen.