Just 30% of people interviewed in 134 countries approve of U.S. leadership under Trump


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/01/18/only-30-of-people-interviewed.html


Makes sense. Any given country’s population seems to have a hardcore 25-30% contingent of Know-Nothings with ultra-low standards.


I’m surprised it’s that high


Is there anyplace we can get to take him?



The largest support came from North Korea, Russia, China and Turkey.


Sadly, every country has a fairly sizeable population of ultra-nationalistic racists and fanatics. And they’re all likely to approve of such behavior in others, because they hate being marginalized in their own countries, where they are made to feel ashamed for disapproving of their own local minorities. It makes them feel validated to see other racists gain approval.

That’s probably why Trump publicly admires Putin. He can say “there’s someone with his public’s approval who isn’t ashamed to blame [ Chechens | Moslems | Uighurs] for everything that’s going wrong.” Even despots need to feel like they’re not alone.


A good portion of them are on that circlejerk to end all circlejerks /r/the_donald.



Yeah, well, they probably hate America, so… :wink:


No one hates America more than Trump and his supporters.


Is it not silly to see this in terms of countries?
Isn’t the real question why are x amount of people thinking like this wherever they come from?
I suspect its more of a neurological question. X amount of people are predisposed to this sort of thinking.
People with combinations of bad education/low IQ, narcissistic tendencies and scared easily maybe.


…The souring of global opinion toward America is most likely to benefit Russia, China, and European nations such as Germany.

International relations is not a zero sum game Xeni…


If Trump has taught us anything, and he hasn’t, it’s that about 30% of people are awful. Its good to be able to finally put a figure on it.


Call it a third.
Makes sense, our ancestors from the Golgafrincham ‘B’ ark made up one third of the original Golgafrincham population.


Here’s a map showing the data from the poll - looks like North America is pretty red and angry (Venezuela slightly less so).


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