More than half of Americans actually think Trump is handling coronavirus well

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No where to go but down…exponentially.



I was amazed when GWB got 90% approval ratings after barking a bit into a megaphone after 9/11, but it also taught me how much people cling to a Big Daddy leader during a crisis.

I’m only surprised now that Trump’s numbers aren’t a lot higher than a little over half.


My parents … one is immunocompromised and the other has a chronic respiratory ailment.

And they are both Republicans who have avoided “the news” since Trump got elected because “the market” told them everything that they needed to know.

I am fucking emotionally compromised.


So people are praising him for acting like a nationalist?

Lol he’s been attempting to act like a nationalist for years. Key word “attempting”. It’s just he’s really bad at it. It’s the only thing he sucks at more than lying.

And it’s not like nationalism is going to be all that effective when dealing with this pandemic. Hell, nationalists are running the show in Italy and look at how fucking poorly they are doing right now.


a nationally representative probability sample of 502 general population adults age 18 or older. Ipsos.


I wouldn’t read too much into that. Americans (and humans, I think, in general) have a pretty natural inclination not to criticize leadership during times of actual crisis.


We are so fucked. He let this thing get away from us while South Korea and China beat it back. And people really think that’s good? Once this prick establishes Martial Law it’s over for the US.

Edited for spelling and geography. Talking about trump lowered my abilities.
that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


This just added a really depressing note to my day.

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Might not be so bad.


Polls like statistics are little more than stories in the hands of politicos.

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What’s the market telling them about how well the president is handling the pandemic?


Good luck and I hope they’ll be ok.


I think we know exactly how Raylan Givens would handle this president.


“I can’t believe you think me losing retirement savings is funny.”

What is great is that I haven’t made light of it to them.


Thank you.

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Drama aside we are in serious trouble.

Unfortunately those people aren’t going to figure it out until they are burying their own family members.

Do they think they are going to keep getting $1000 checks from trump to buy their votes? It won’t happen past the election.

And their health insurance only exists while their job does. Half of the states blocked full ACA (obamacare) from being implemented so if they have more than a few thousand dollars of income, they cannot get health insurance.

Hopefully six months is enough suffering to make people wake up.

The problem is they are going to drown us in the meanwhile.

The worst part is the scientists and others who stand behind trump while he says horrible things. They need to walk off to make a point.


Crap on a cracker! So help us, if he rides this “success” into the next election, we are all doomed.

A friend once pointed out that if you successfully did your job with maximum efficiency and minimal screwups at his place of work, you would never be noticed or get promoted. But if you made some massive screwup and worked overtime to fix it, suddenly you were the golden child.

I really dispair this will apply to Trump in the upcoming election cycle.


I remember, post 9/11, Bush saying that Islam was NOT the enemy, especially Islamic Americans, and appreciated that. My general feeling was, he’s an idiot, but he’s OUR idiot. It’s probably the kindest I felt towards him, until recent events brought us a much worse president.

Trump is his own idiot. Or possibly Putin’s.