Trump falls to single digits in international poll


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Yes, but none of those people are eligible to vote.


“See? I must be doing something right if all those foreigners are nervous about me!” -Trump

“That totally makes sense!” -Trump supporters


Neither are any of the national leaders from whom Drumph is trying to solicit campaign funding.


Frankly I’m shocked. I find it hard to believe Trump’s international polling numbers were ever in the single digits.


“International poll says Im unpopular among Mexican Rapists. Rigged by Crooked Hllary and China. Wall just got 50 feet higher! Sad!” ~ Trump’s Twitter


The good news is, if it is single digits, he is able to count that high on his small hands and get a decent grasp of the number.


It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Trump thinks we should build a wall between the US and China too.


Yes, but if he gets to 8%, he’ll think “8 fingers - 8 out of 10 is great support! I can’t lose!”


They have a wall, why don’t we? Ours will be Greater!


Most Australians (87%), Canadians (80%) and Japanese (82%) also lack confidence in Trump.

Oh, thank you Canada. I feel better now.

Here’s a link to the actual survey results:


"Trump’s numbers remained high among members of Al-Qaeda and ISIS, who felt that the inflammatory rhetoric used by the Republican nominee was likely to significantly boost their recruiting. Mexican narco cartel owners also gave qualified support to the candidate, citing concerns that Mr Trump’s proposed wall might make it harder to smuggle drugs into the United States, but expressing optimism that increased drug prices might more than offset any losses.

The strongest support for Mr Trump came from senior officials in Russia and China. “Honestly, I can’t wait until this clown takes office. He sells a few buildings, puts his name on a couple of golf courses, and now he thinks he can go mano-a-mano with a world-class manipulator like Vladimir [Putin],” said one Russian civil servant, speaking off the record. “You saw how we screwed the West around over Syria and Ukraine? Maybe we’ll invade Latvia, just for shits and giggles. Watch him sweat when his advisors tell him that declaring World War III isn’t actually an available option.” Chinese officials were more reserved, but did agree that Mr Trump’s tough talk and his proposal to label China as a currency manipulator were unlikely to significantly affect their decision-making process. “We were communists until recently,” said one, “but already we understand business better than Mr Trump.”


It suddenly occurs to me that any reports of his numbers slipping nationally will probably get him a boost – just from all those people saying, “Don’t go! We want to see what you’re going to do next!


0 is a single digit.


Don’t overthink it.


I’m shocked the numbers are in the (high) single digits, much less getting into double digits. Even the people who like him should realize what an ineffective buffoon he is.

I feel like it would make the most sense if Trump’s polling numbers resolved to “not a number.”


The more the world is against him, the stronger his base supports him.
The USA is exceptional, after all.


That should read “single, stubby digits”



“Euroweenies, amirite?”

Yeah, I can’t imagine that this doesn’t give confirmation bias to his supporters rather than pause. It’s so like Britain leaving the EU - yes Mr. Farage, we laughed at you before, and we still do, only now you’ve gone and fucked the place up…

I find Trump’s hard man thing hard to wear though. I mean I bet Putin has watched smirking while actual hard men, real hard people who have led hard lives and done hard and horrible things, have pissed themselves with fear in the interrogation room…

Can’t you see that smirk?

And Putin is a long way from the hard man uniting Russia he is portrayed as. Trump’s weakness is a real obvious character flaw, visible to all outside the US in the same way that Reagan’s insincerity and inability to communicate coherently were insurmountable defects outside of the US.

I guess that’s why we all like Obama so much: he’s so plausible and so polite, witty, and charming while at it.
Still a mass fucking murderer of course.