Donald Trump to travel to Mexico and meet with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto


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He’s going to get Mexico to pay for it.


I’ll bet he’s collecting the down payment on that wall, along with a promise to ban ladders more than ten feet long. It’s one hundred percent certain. One hundred percent.


Only Trump could go to Mexico?


This is just priceless. He’s going to try to be presidential by building bridges instead of walls.

Thus completely alienating the only people who would ever consider voting for him.

Without the rambling incoherent nonsense about walls and deportations, all he has left is a lack of fitness for office.


What could possibly go wrong?


How quickly can we build one of those walls?


Pena Nieto is setting Trimp up to “Cruz” him. Sure, come. Have a nice photo op.



Oh, no, sorry. The trip’s off.
The NFL just wrote and said the timing was bad.


Not faster than we can.


No, you keep him - no give backs!


If I were President Nieto, I think the meeting would consist of giving him a silent, icy glare for however long it took to make him leave again.


The best thing Nieto could do would be to meet privately with Trump and then regardless of whatever is said in the meeting, come out and announce that Trump has promised him that he has no intentions of actually building a wall and that instead he has an amnesty plan for all undocumented immigrants currently in the US and a plan to bring a million more because the US was built by immigrants and so it will take even more immigrants to Make America Great Again!




How shitty would it be if he actually got the dude to agree to pay for a wall?


Border control should deny them (the “hair” is a symbiotic creature) entry into Mexico, see how they like it.


If he’s driving back we can build a wall.


If Trump was running a neighboring country I’d seriously consider putting up a wall too.


Peña Nieto is not precisely enjoying his best moment with the Mexican public right now. So he may be regretting the invitation…


Is it bad that I liked your post before even checking what you responded to? (Love that gif.)