Trump and Mexico president Peña Nieto talk about a wall, but not about who pays


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invests in Trump Piñata Company

“We’ve got the best pinatas. We really do.”


The problem is when you bust them open it turns out they’re just filled with bile.


The reasons for this meeting are mysterious.
Only Trump has something to gain from it — it makes him look like a global leader.


Looks can be deceiving.


A mere <3 is inadequate to express my appreciation for your post.

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Trump is in Mexico? Quick! Lets build a wall


So… who did this work out well for again?


That’s a pretty low bar to set but then we’re talking about a master of lowering the bar.


Dear tRump:


this is the most ridiculous PR stunt i’ve ever seen. what would either of these two have to gain from such a photo opt empty of any substance? ah, the inscrutable mind of donald j.


All this talk about the wall this, the wall that… I wonder if Trump realizes that there’s already a wall in place over much of the border, including all of the border with California. Even way the hell out in the desert.


Correction: it makes him look like a global dumpster fire.


That’ll fix it, no?


I can vaguely imagine that Peña Nieto thought this might help his sagging approval numbers, but, caramba, does that seem to have been a miscalculation. I’m going to have to ask my mother this weekend what family south of the border thought of it.

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That’s “President Dumpster Fire” to you!


I’m genuinely confused by your post…

How exactly would Trump benefit from visiting a county he feels is so bad that it needs to be physically walled-off?

Ignoring that absurd point, how on earth would that make Trump seem “like a global leader”? I struggle to imagine how anyone in recent memory could be a worse potential example of a world-leader…


“You like it? Mexico paid for it!”


How quickly you forget Sarah Palin. Given a choice between the two I’d take Trump - if he gets us into a war at least it would be over old fashioned ego. I’ll take crazy vs. religious crazy any day - ego is easier to soothe than fervor.