Watch: On live TV Mexico's Vicente Fox uses F-word again about Trump's wall, likens Trump to dictator


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Now that’s some Fox News I can get behind!


Vincente Fox is now an honorary US citizen, according to me.


It’s not even the first time Mr. Fox has done/said this. I’m confident they invited him on purpose knowing full well that he would drop some expletives and tell Trump to go fuck himself and his wall.

Not that i have a problem with it. Trump should go fuck himself and his wall.


She was thinking about that F-word for just a little too long no? It’s Friday. I could be projecting.


What the fuck are you talking about?



I dearly hope Enrique Peña Nieto is willing to emulate his predecessor in at least a few ways, like this one.


Trump gloryhole?


But it is a fucking wall. I cannot think of a more concise way to phrase it.



I know I am not doing this right, but your post definitely belongs in the “All the likes” hall of fame for snark


“How can we trust a US president that lies every minute of the day?”

We can not.


I was going to post that almost word-for-word.


He’s got a whole series of these:

(and they’re awesome!)


This is awesome.


But I thought Trump really needs Mexico to not say that it won’t pay for the wall.


Those right there. Those are cojones.


And yet he persisted. :grinning:

Edited to clarify intent


I’ve seen that, but it’s still fucking prime shade!