Vicente Fox's 2020 campaign for US president: "Donald, you suck so much at this job"


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Had a dinner party with many guests from south o’ the border, they laughed their asses off when I played this on the big screen. Must’a watched it 30 times, never gets old.

PS. Fuck tRump, always & forever.


Such a troll!


Loved the Time magazine cover in the background (“Vicente Fox Threw a Baseball Over the Moon”).


I laughed so hard when I saw this; good stuff.


800 thumbs up!


Also the pee tape sitting on his desk. LOL


Only 800?


How can we get this to play hourly on every network? Seriously, this has to happen!


Worse than Joffrey LOL hahahaha


Fox should be president. President of Earth. This guy is a lad.


There’s a future for him in US late night.
I guess the pay is pretty good.


Our long national nightmare is finally over!


Goodness, I didn’t think Fox was that good of a president of Mexico (he wasn’t terribly, just could have been better), but damn… I’d vote for him for president of the world now.


He should have said that Trump’s cabinet is the worst team in Washington since the Generals.


Yes, but then it wouldn’t have tied back to the goat joke.


Vive el zorro!


This guy cracks me up. I had no idea he was this much of a wild man when he was president of Mexico. The beauty of it is he’s enjoying the hell out of himself while smearing “Donald” with the truth. Really Donald, You should have been a little more cautious when you were bad mouthing Mexico and the people of Mexico. Most of them are way smarter than you are and at least one has the media power to hose your ignorant ass. Plus his hats are much better!


It’s all basketball.


He should have told Trump his Cabinet had been recalled back to Ikea.