85-year-old stabs wife to death after fight over pancakes

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Well hopefully they won’t feed him in jail and the problem will take care of itself.

What a godawful miserable story I wish I hadn’t seen today though!


Ya. Fuck. 40 years married and you get literally stabbed in the back because you gave your companion food? What a shitty thing. :sob:


My wife is a marvelous cook, but there’s one thing she makes that I really don’t like. She made it last week. I chose to eat a small portion over this gentleman’s option.

Going to give myself one life credit for making a good choice.


agreed. this used to be known as “A Directory of Wonderful Things,” but in recent years it’s been a directory of things that make me angry or sad.


Knew a guy who got divorced and when asked why would only say his wife would put his two slices of bread in the toaster while he was getting dressed in the morning but she wouldn’t push the handle down to start them toasting.

I suspect there was more to it than that.


Conservatives will still try to blame this on violent games


They found him with self inflicted wounds and another report said he was suffering from depression.

If it turns out he was just a violent man lock him up, if it turns out dementia is involved, then what?

One of my biggest fears is dementia and harming my wife that I’ve been with for over 43 years now.

And don’t misunderstand, if he’s a violent sob then punish him.

But, like most stories of this nature, we’ll never hear anything more other than pancakes.


Not often I get a chance to post something from one of my favourite bands, but this sounds like the inverse of one of Alice Donut’s songs, “Come up with your hands out”.

Fight the good fight here …


BB has been part of the rage machine for some years now.


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In most cases, dementia does not come on suddenly. And again in most cases, you retain some “bedrock knowledge”, as I call it. I’m sure there’s a scientific name.

My grandfather, when he had full blown hardcore dementia, occasionally did a “who are you?” to my grandmother, but that lasted about 5 seconds max. He absolutely remembered her, my mother, and how old he was. Others retain other things, but that was what he had as his bedrock. It was a devastating blow when I visited once and he didn’t remember me, but eventually I understood why.

If you’re in that point where you’d be so confused as to potentially hurt others, you should be getting professional help. That might be you’re at a facility, or you have full time nursing help.

A recent past stroke was involved too.

Brain injuries are serious business. Whether it’s the slow burn of dementia or more dramatic step function loss of strokes. Speaking from some very recent familial experience. The way I read the writeup my sympathies go out to all involved.


“… but, see, pancakes! Pancakes are wacky! A mundane ordinary murder, plus pancakes, is an amusing story for the ‘weird news’ section!” /s

Sadly, “should be getting help” can be far from “actually getting help.”


You navigated a domestic dilemma very wisely.

My wife and I had a huge argument yesterday over the right way to blend a smoothie. She took my opinion as an insult to her years of blending. I’m not joking when I say it nearly ended in divorce.

Violence was never in the air that time, but both of us have smashed things in the course of previous arguments rather than hit each other. In fact I’ve done violence to myself to relieve my anger and distress after that sort of marital disagreement.

I believe that this kind of rage in close relationships is generated from other causes than the proximate trigger. It can only be understood by exploring the wider issues contributing to the situation. That process is painful and difficult in itself, in fact I think it’s nearly impossible without a trusted 3rd party.


Pancake disputes can go from 0 to 10 very quickly.


“Mostly wonderful things” /s

BB (IMO) has become mostly hatebait and poop stirring, before anyone else says it, I know, “just don’t read it”.

Point taken, time for a break…

He should be sentenced to eat pancakes for every meal.