9 great videos of oscillating fans, box fans and other types of large fan


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When I met my wife, she could not sleep without this ratty old fan going next to the bed.
If we traveled, we had to drag it along with us. “She’s a keeper” I thought to myself.

Eventually it fell apart and we had a real emergency on our hands.

We took a trip to BROOKSTONE and they had a sleep machine with a plug-in chip.
After listening to all the standard sleeps sounds, we were going to pass on it until we discovered they sold “accessory packs” with additional sounds like “Vacuum Cleaner” and “Train”. One of them had…FAN. It was perfect and she used that for a decade until it too failed.

Now we both have an Ambient Fan noise on our phones as the only Playlist that just loops all night.


I love these- I’m a real fan fan.





Great sym-fan-ny if you light them all up at same time. thx


For anyone younger than 30, you would be a fan boy, or fan girl.


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