Awesome $13 camping fan actually the same as $42 version


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I showed it to my daughter, she sighed and she told me she meant a hand fan, the kind we get in Chinatown.


Hah. Fantastic.


Thats how it goes.


Kids these days.


I’m a maker by default, and yes, your daughter has a valid idea. Good for her!
I’ve seen collections of fans that are from all walks of life and my favorites are the old timey funeral home and church hand fans. Probably the best one is just a piece of stout cardboard cut into a reasonably small shape (12" x 12"). These have a second use: They make an excellent way to start a campfire once you get the fire lit. Even damp kindling will soon take off once you get enough air moving into it.


Camping fan. This combination of words makes no sense to me. First of all, you’re already outside, and second it is a place where you can literally go jump in a lake.


And its cardboard and wood construction make it excellent fuel once the fire is going.


Everybody knows.


I prefer the cover version performed by … Camper Fan Beethoven



FWIW: Jokes are usually funnier when it appears the author read the entire post.

You guys are really laying down on the job these days.


Why am I so tempted to buy this thing? I hardly ever camp, and D cells are incredibly heavy, and my wife would scorn a creature comfort such as this - also the noise would bother her. But somehow when an item combines two disparate functions, I feel inexorably drawn…


Extremely quiet. Much less sound than the arb fridge compressor.


I’m sure that one could get more out of it… Like fluffy scrambled eggs? remove the guard and blend baby blend…


I actually bought one of these a couple of summers back to take on my annual summer roadtrip. (I probably paid full price for it, too.) Anyone who has spent any time in a tent on a hot summer night when there is no breeze will appreciate the need for this thing. You hang it from the ceiling of the tent, and it’ll run all night for a couple nights and provide air movement inside the tent. It’s not for ultra-light backpackers, but it’s quiet and useful.


That’s why you are supposed to eat a lot of beans when camping…


The interior of the Vanagon gets hot very easily, but even a little air movement vents it pretty well. Sitting parked in Anaheim, letting the kid nap mid Disney day is awesome in March or April and torture in July. This will likely help a lot.


I prefer the larger diameter fans that run on 8 D batteries. I buy them from Walmart for about $20 and one set of batteries lasts the whole week.


She could make it from a Happy Camper Fan box.