92% of Lake Superior frozen over


Time to start building a snow fence along the Michigan shoreline before all those desperate Canadians try to sneak into the the Land of the Free!

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I would think the genetic diversity thing could be solved by releasing a few Shiba Inu. Wow.


As a resident of the Superior basin, these have been part of my daily weather-check.



Since the ice froze over, our lake effect snow has disappeared, but we have been about 20 degrees colder.

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A bit smaller/cuter wolf would probably be better suited to island life and tourists…
[Such Climate. Much Bite. So Moose.]


Well other than wolf + wild dog = wolf/dog hybrid without fear of humans. Throw some coyote blood in there too.

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That’s amazing.

Edited to add: Do you have any idea why Lake Michigan and Lake Ontario, both much shallower than Superior, still have significant open water areas? If Michigan’s had been along the edge of Chicago I could understand it, but it’s right in the middle. Ontario’s is near Niagara Falls, but that’s frozen too, so it’s got to be some other explanation.

Michigan and Ontario are probably several degrees warmer. Lake Superior seems to hardly raise above freezing even in July.

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Oh, duh…of course!

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