94% of seniors benefitted from therapeutic use of cannabis


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He doesn’t care. Scientific evidence does not matter to him or the constituency he serves.


But Dobby the House Sessions is in the pocket of the Prison Industrial Complex, and he is pledged to supply them with slaves, er, I mean inmates to increase their bottom line, so he’s determined to increase sentences for the evil weed that drives people to opiate use, even if the opposite is true. After all, it’s what they’re paying him to do.


100% of the people I know benefit from my therapeutic use of cannabis.


I feel like Kreacher is a better comparison (though even he came around in the end). Dobby was a noble-hearted hero from the start.


100% of young people benefit from seeing totally baked old people.


Yes, I’m one of them.


If we mail Sessions a sock, will he skip away into freedom and obscurity?


Sadly we’re stuck with the evil Keebler elf until he dies or quits.


“Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors also report benefits.”


All I can say is F!CK Jefferson Beauregard Secessions.

Keeps more of those people, you know! the blahs! from voting due to felony arrest for possession of a garden weed. He thought the KKK were AOK until he heard they partook of the wacky tobacky.

Smell the dank racism. Th’diggitydankest.


It works at least that well for this senior.


Exactly! Whatever he and his ilk want to believe at any given time just dribbles out of their mouth. The fools that follow them hold up a new piece of truth from their prophet and those who disagree must be punished.
There. Isn’t that simple ask any 5 year old and you can find the same line of logic.


It’s the same fact less bullshit that got the marijuana tax stamp act passed in the first place.
Anslinger would plant false stories about crazed marijuana thugs raping white ladies or axe murdering families then cite those printed stories to justify his plans.
The right has always liked fake news


I’m willing to do my part.


“I still can’t remember where my glasses are, or why I went into the kitchen, but now I don’t care!”


Maybe they’re not using opoids, but how about jazz singers?