Senate panel votes to protect medical marijuana - major buzzkill for Jeff Sessions


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major buzzkill for Jeff Sessions



Oh, so that’s why Sessions wants that sweet, sweet asset seizure $$$.


Fuck you, Jeff Sessions. At this point, I’m wishing heart attacks one every single one of these cabinet members.


He has his priorities
“I thought those guys [the Ku Klux Klan] were OK until I learned they smoked pot,”



“I write to renew the Department of Justice’s opposition to the inclusion of language in any appropriations legislation that would prohibit the use of Department of Justice funds or in any way inhibit its authority to enforce the Controlled Substances Act,”

I read that four times and I still can’t get all the negatives to cancel consistently.


Some people are against drugs because in their past they’ve had a bad trip…but little Jeffy Sessions is a bad trip in and of himself…pitiful little hate infected creep


Cue the trombone.


As ugly as they may be, I don’t wanna know who they could find to replace them at this point. If these were their best and brightest, do we really want to scrape the bottom of that barrel? Given way things are going, in the best case scenario, Jared Kushner becomes the entire cabinet. Or we could wake up to this tweet: “The new AG is one of those Australian spiders that eats birds, because fuck you. #Shelob



Ah, the uptick in violent crime. Any time you want to justify unpopular policies, just tick up the ol’ crime.


Chinese baby says


Must be those darned video games again. Them and the D&D players.


I guess you could say Sessions’ proposal…

(•_• )
( •_•)>⌐■-■

…wasn’t fully baked.



I live in Seattle. Up the road is a bright and shiny pot store. I smell pot in the parks all the time. One house I pass on the way to the gym always smells of it.

As far as I can tell, the city’s still in fine shape. Washington State seems to be healthy.

Of all the causes to get worked up about, medical marijuana seems especially silly to me.


Anti-marijuana laws are merely are a tool for oppressing /incarcerating citizens; not to mention suppressing the hemp industry so that other big business industries could thrive.


Sessions is gonna need some medical marijuana to combat the depression this will give him.


When Trump finally sacks Sessions I imagine he will spend the rest of his days on his front porch, ready to say “get of my lawn”


Jefferson Beauregard Seccessions - used to think the KKK were alright fellers, until he found out they smoked the wacky tobacky!

Christ, what a late stage capitalism!