12-year-old girl sues Jeff Sessions to legalize medical marijuana nationwide


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/11/10/12-year-old-girl-sues-jeff-ses.html


Can we PLEASE stop calling this beautiful plant by its slave name?


Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica (I prefer the purple nurples). And a quick google tells me there is another strain called Cannabis ruderalis that is often included in the Sativa branch.

Only reason it is still illegal is racism. Again. Look up Harry Anslinger. You might have to look under his more common name of asshole.


Hell yes,I hope this succeeds


Maybe this is what we needed all this time…a younger, cuter spokesperson to sway the “family values” sector?


ETA: Edited to add “/s” in case of accidental fractal Poe’s law.


This just in from Breitbart.com: She’s not 12! She’s probably a 50 year old Democrat Party activist who just wants all kids to be drug addicts so they can get welfare and spend it on more drugs!

Oh… that’s her photo? If I said she looks good for her age, does that put me in Roy Moore’s corner?



She should also look at the ketogenic diet, if she hasn’t already.


I like <ganja> as well as <cannabis>


Cannabis was instrumental in my recovery from cancer, no two ways about it. And Sessions can eat shit and die, thanks for reading…


For so many reasons… this is just one of many.


If Sessions eats shit and dies, do we allow him some cannabis as he fights for his life?
I say yes. Maybe he conciousness would expand enough to realize the error of his ways…right before he kicks the bucket.


Yes, because we are not savages like the TGOP/Sessions are. Compassion even against ones enemies is the hallmark of civilized people.


Sure! I’m not a monster, people in pain should have access to some relief. Even racist trolls like him.


The State of Michigan refers to it as ‘marihuana.’ If not for google’s “did you mean” function, it would be nearly impossible to research under that spelling. It’s approved medically here unless you are a state employee in which case ingesting is a fireable offense, Rx nonwithstanding. From now on, I’ll take your advice and refer to it as Cannabis. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:



Well, presuming we even let it get as far as actually consuming excrement. I think someone would have the moral obigation to stop him from putting it in his mouth. :anguished:


Maybe just one bite, then I’ll step in. OK?


Honestly, I didn’t mean literally, it’s not that I want him to experience pain, or literally eat shit. It’s more that I want him to go away and stop causing people so much grief.


I hope I didn’t offend. I’m just trying to have a bit of fun with this, because the news is so overwhelming these days.


Not at all. :smiley_cat: I was being flip.




Due to current events, “12-year-old girl sues Jeff Sessions” auto-completed in my head much differently than “to legalize medical marijuana nationwide.”