96-year-old Carl Reiner has a message for Americans


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A national treasure. These are the voices of living memory that need to be heard throughout the West.


Holy fuck! Carl Reiner is still alive and on Twitter!

Seriously, a national treasure.



And then I wonder how many Republicans think “national treasure” vs “Hollywood Jew”.



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I was wondering about the statement on pre-existing conditions, then I saw the twitter feed stuff.

Trump is scared the democrats are going to take the house and senate. Petrified.




Um, Carl? Trump said he’s not a fearmonger. So, you know, nice try.


He went on to say, “I am, in fact, a fear monkey.”


The end made me tear-up.


My mother died shortly before Obama was elected. I’ve always been sad she never got to see that.

On the other hand, my father died before Trump was elected. And I’m damned glad he didn’t live to see that.

It must be truly ghastly for someone with Reiner’s experience to witness what’s happening in the US now.


I’d wager that’s strongly correlated with percentage of vehicle covered by stickers.


My father and his parents left Germany in '33. I sure hope I don’t have to leave the US. I don’t know that my timing would be as good as theirs.


It pairs well with this, I think. I was just re-watching it a moment ago.

Yeah, it was propaganda for use within the Army; I’ll take what I can get.


Saw this the other day.

I feel ya, Carl. We’ll try our best.


And then I wonder how many Republicans think “national treasure” vs “Hollywood Jew”.

I think they would just call him a (((globalist))) these days.


He and Mel Brooks supposedly still hang out!


Good on him.


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