A 1920s UK woman frames her neighbor by writing filthy, abusive letters


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She was simply ahead of her time.


Sir Clement Bailhache

Pronounced Ball-ache, I’m sure


I’ve clearly been doing email wrong all these years. “You bloody fucking flaming piss country whores go and fuck your cunt.” is such a great way to start one off.


It’s amazing how our prejudices cloud our ability to reason. I mean, just look at those criminal, close-set eyes. It’s obvious she’s guilty!


Given our penchant for weird contractions in order to confound Johnny Foreigner (viz. Cholmondely), it’s probably pronounced ‘Bish’.


This reminds me of an Shirley Jackson story I read a while ago. https://thepossibilityofevilma.weebly.com/short-story.html


Is anyone else surprised by how immediately comprehensible nearly century-old abuse torrents(from, in my case, the other side of the Atlantic) are?

“You are a character” appears to have become lighter and softer in the intervening years; but even that is distinguishable in context and much of the rest is downright current. Selection bias in what excerpts made it from book to article; or are good slurs too treasured to be subject to the “kids these days and their incomprehensible jive talk” effect and rotated at least once a generation if not several times more frequently?


flamingpisscountrywhore@gmail.com - hmmm…nnooo. Yes i mmighh…no.



A girlfriend of mine once described someone as a ‘thrushy cuntbubble’.


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