A 1950s TV show had a fear-mongering conman named Trump who wanted to build a wall


Yup. Methinks that casting was not a coincidence.


What’s the difference? :wink:


I smell a Netflix reboot!


I really should get that over to them. They’re handing out show deals like crazy.


Wow, nailed it!


Remember us little people!

Have you thought about HBO? I always wanted to meet Peter Dinklage…


Jezuz, whoever created this computer simulation we’re living in sure likes dropping obvious hints.


They don’t make them like that anymore. Oh wait.


so when you say “the white OJ” white people are not offended?


fox news, beitbart, facebook, alex jones, rush, the republican establishment, and russia?

time and time again, republicans are out there saying 45 is doing a good job. maybe once they had principles; but theyve learned privilege not principle is what matters.


Can someone please explain this to me? I simply don’t get it.


Er mah gerd!

“Exactly what I was going to point out.”


I still feel bad for the time travelers who spent all those decades trying to warn us only to be ignored.




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