This 1958 TV western predicted Trump with a character named... Trump


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I loved the ending!


Where was Robert Culp when we needed him most? :weary:
I would love to see him arrest the current manifestation of Trump.


More evidence we are living in the darkest timeline.


Did the town's folk tar & feather him?


That would have been even better


This is really a weird coincidence.
If it is an coincidence....


Man, I should have just gotten the pizza instead of rolling for it.


Christ, Trump isn't a reality TV star - he's a fictional TV villain. It explains so much...



Papasan Johnson is right!


"I alone...," smoke-and-mirrors, threats to sue, vague words that render the authorities unable to take action. Perfect. Grifters are so predictable (except, of course, to the tens of millions who'd vote one in as POTUS).

Unfortunately, America won't see things resolved so quickly and happily as they are here.


Maybe we will. Maybe the Russians will repo him. Maybe he'll resign when he finds out he can't drone whoever he likes. Maybe he'll build that wall and, just as the last brick is laid, realize he was standing on the wrong side.


Or maybe our reality is just some pulpy televised entertainment for beings in another dimension.

The worst thing is that this election wasn't even part of sweeps week.


ikeOnABike Johnson is right about Papasan Johnson being right!

It just might be the start of the story-line that leads to the series finale.


Sweeps week?


If I see monkeys typing, I'm gonna read what they wrote.


We jumped the shark when Trump became president a week after the Cubs finally won the World Series.