When and How Will the Trump Presidency End


Puh-LACE your BETS!

I give it six months. Kicking and screaming the whole way with Republicans the very reluctant arbiters.


Heart attack in 2018. His last words will remind everyone that he won the 2016 election.



Dammit, you took my date. Fine. Assuming this is a bet like Price is Right…June 30, 2016.


In that case, to be precise, my bet is six 30-day months from the date of the bet.


January 20, 2021.

He will serve out his term but lose reelection to Cory Booker.


431 days, in a hailstorm of nuclear missiles. The few - unfortunate - survivors, locked away in enormous underground complexes, will remember Trump as the Man Who Destroyed The World. In the decades to come, his name will be forgotten, but the legend of an orange madman will never die.

In a shielded complex on the plains of Canada, a solitary server holds a copy of EO 616, the one authorizing pre-intervention emergency police action in seven European countries.


Jan 2019.

He and VP Ryan (Pence will resign some time earlier) will both be impeached by the Dem majority house and Pelosi will become President.



August 25th this year, taken out by North Korean agents on the Mar-a-Lago golf course.

ETA: And if this turns out to be right, I’m gonna be in SOOOO much deep shit, LOL.


God. You’re setting yourself up for one hell of an unfortunate coincidence to explain to the Secret Service.

ETA: HA! Beat me to it!


Does the dress code allow “LOL” t-shirts, or are they going to have to find some forex and hit the mall before the hit?


The prophecy is fulfilled when an illegal immigrant from Mexico takes his job away.


So we’re back to President Romney, then?



By unanimous vote of all citizens. Greatest victory in history. Don’t make him nuke another city to prove it.


I say November 1; approximately the start of the 2018 campaign season, amid investigations by GOP Congressmen worried about re-election who don’t want to have to defend him.


Resigns to spend his time promoting his new Trump Presidential Hotel & Resort properties, after a desperate Congress agrees he can use the presidential seal in the chain’s logo.


What will actually happen: Trump is forced to resign in shame by mid-2017 when it becomes clear that his own party is no longer willing to go to bat for him during impeachment over his secret Russia dealings and other unconstitutional actions.

What Trump will claim happened: “Most losers hang around for 4-8 years, but I was the first President ever to accomplish everything he set out to do in less than six months! Everyone begged me to stay, but I’ve got bigger and better things to do. I just hope Mike Pence doesn’t screw it up.”


And since I achieved all my goals as President in one term, there was no need for a second. The End.


Booker is going to have to brush up on his nepotism skills if he wants to compete with Trump. ‘Waywire’ was cute and all; but not nearly good enough to sate our apparent appetite for truly shameless conduct.