Donald Trump sadly mistaken about delivering the most-watched State of the Union in history


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“But it’s likely that an earlier president holds the record, from the era when nothing else was on.”

I’d bet $20 that Lyndon B. Johnson’s first State of the Union drew record viewer numbers.


Gotta be high to listen to that dude and not punch something.


Why does ⊥rump assert his was the most watched when the statement is easily proved false?


I mean, highest number of hate-watches for sure, if he needs to win something…


“Donald Trump Sadly Mistaken About Almost Everything.”



Maybe it hinges on what is meant by “history”.


Liars are gonna lie.


Trump, Fox News and the great masses of conservatives are all doing one basic thing: trying to create their own reality.

Global warming, taxes, crime, terrorism, Obama’s birth certificate, pizzagate, etc. etc. etc.

This is old news, I’m not sure why it’s so amazing at this point, but I admit I’m still amazed by it.


Liars gonna lie.



It’s his nature.


Like his inherited wealth he claims to have inherited his health due to “good genes” (decoded: white European). But in this case I’d like to put in a shout for “nurture”. I think he has been lovingly nurtured by money and privilege to be a liar like you or I breathe.


Let’s be honest. Whatever it is 45 is going to claim his is the biggest or best.


I am a bit surprised that many tuned it. I figured people would do what I did, just wait for the highlights the next day. Giving him attention is what he wants.

Also, it was a foregone conclusion this was going to be the “best” SOTU ever.


After all this time, you still wonder?


perhaps he’s being lied to

Please - don’t cut him any scintilla of slack here - the reason is that he is the center of his universe, and the rest of reality bends to his self centered beliefs.

The state of the Union is that this asshole has us in the most perilous condition of my life.


Were there any highlights? Yesterday morning the couple minutes of TV news I caught only mentioned Melania.


Well, I have seen several articles that ran down the truth and lies. I guess summary might be a better word.


This used to be the speech where the president gave grand policy ideas their first airing. My, how times have changed.


The bottom line is that Trump is a liar at his core. Everything else - the misogyny, the racism, the corruption, the incompetence, etc, stems from that fact.