A 1960s commercial Henson made for the FHA

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I still have my Mom’s FHA paper-work from her home purchase in 1965. The purchase price was $3050 for a 9 bedroom home, the interest rate was 8.5%, payment was $120.00 a month. Her salary at the County Hospital was $6500.00 a year.

Things sure do change…


More proof that we need an executive order mandating all government programs now be promoted by muppets, and only by muppets.

…Actually, now that I think about it, this makes me feel like there should be an international agreement, like the Geneva Convention, whereby all countries commit to only engaging in muppet-mediated diplomacy.

Or you know what? Let’s just all go in for global Muppetocracy.


More Henson commercials – this has probably been posted here before:

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Adjusted to today’s dollars that’s a salary of $60K, so that hasn’t changed much. But good luck finding a house for the low low price of $30K.


I’d love to try Wilkins coffee. If nothing else, just so I don’t get blown up.


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