Michigan State Fair ad, 1967



this makes me smile! more like this please


So… wait… Did the program itself cost 35 cents?

Because adjusted for inflation, that’s $2.50! Which seems awfully low to be the fair’s actual admission price… but absurdly high for a mere program pamphlet! In fact, I’ve never really heard of paying for a program at all at a fair like this.

…which is another thing. This clearly isn’t an ad poster. This is the cover of the program of events for the fair itself. It says so right on it.

A 1967 gridiron program would have set you back between 50c to $1 and a 1947 Minnesota cost 15c. back then. There’s loads on eBay.

Later: Well that’s a nice little wander round some obscure (to me) Americana. And I completely love this poster from the MN fair.

Pickle onna stickle! :smiley:


It can see how it makes sense for sports programs, in that they include statistics and whatnot in addition to a simple game schedule, but wouldn’t a State Fair program merely be telling you what attractions are available and when?

Is printing just that much cheaper these days? I’ve heard of things like theme parks selling maps, but I’ve never actually encountered it myself - every park I’ve ever been to gives the things away for free.

The same is true of my fair experiences - I’ve had to pay for everything from parking to bathroom access, but I’ve never had to pay for a pamphlet telling me what time I could see a given event, or where I could find a given attraction.

Yeah, sure, why not. I mean, I went and saw Mythbusters live this arvo, the programs there were like $10.
I’m sure they only had “Start: 2pm” in them.

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Yes, that was the cost of the program and it was a big program - it was a huge fair. I was a kid then and it used to be a highlight of the summer. Of course there was plenty of period weirdness… The local utility at the time (Detroit Edison) was promoting nuclear energy during the 60s and the fair always featured big promotions with their mascot “Reddy Killowatt” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reddy_Kilowatt who dispelled concerns about safety by referring to radiation as “sunshine units!”


Might have coupons? Might also be a huge fair. Might also discourage waste, as free programs would be disregarded and dropped without a second thought if they were free.

Is printing just that much cheaper these days?

Offset printing is a slowly dying art. The demand seems to be falling with the supply, and there s still more supply than demand.

This is not a park, which is open year round and wants to attract people all the time. It is an agricultural fair. A time-limited highly scheduled destination event, for many who attend.

You not getting it might be attributed to not getting -into- it. I love ag fairs. granted, programs are usually free in my experience, but my personal experience does not include the year 1967.


Here are some more pics from the brocure:

They had performances by Diana Ross and Johnny Cash!


Also at your link, the official letter from the then-Governor of Michigan: Mitt’s dad.

Born in Mexico, ran for President.

Don’t miss the Gay Midway!


Yeah, but he’s white, so that doesn’t count.

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I loved the Reddy Kilowatt cartoon mascot as a kid.

And wasn’t Sunshine Unit also the name of an Eighties new wave band?


if it wasn’t, it ought to have been. that, or like, a hippie breakdance crew.

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I’m sorry my experience with what a program is and contains is different than yours, but maybe instead of snidely mocking me for not having had your experiences, you might actually tell me what other things might go into a program like the Mythbusters Live show would have?

I have never, ever paid for a program. I have never really heard of anyone doing so either. I honestly do not know why someone would, as I have never seen a program that contains anything other than schedules and basic information listed for the convenience of an event attendee (and the event operators, who would rather not answer the same dozen questions over and over and over and over and over).

And you, who apparently have paid for programs, and who apparently know what other contents they might possess which would make paying for one reasonable, seem content to sarcastically dismiss my questions for some unknown reason rather than just answer them.

Apparently this is one of those “If you need to ask, you’ll never know” situations, and I’m just some stupid rube who is too “uncultured” or whatever to be in on things?

Dear society at large,

Can we all just please collectively realize the fact that “gay” until very recently in history meant “happy” and “cheerful”, and stop sniggering like schoolchildren at every antiquated usage of the word in this context? Ditto for other vintage phrases like “Can you spare a fag?”, “That was a real boner”, “At the crow of the cock”, and other such examples?

Best regards,

The 1967 Michigan State Fair - just 6 weeks after the Detroit riots. Some contrast.

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Are -you- complaining about someone -else’s- tone?

Man, that is a door that you, specifically, may not want to open.

No. I’m not complaining about tone. I’m complaining about someone failing to answer a simple question, and mocking me for asking it out of simple ignorance and a desire to learn.

I don’t see how you read anything I said as being a complaint about tone, since I said nothing about tone at all.