Michigan State Fair ad, 1967

What are you, Percival Dunwoody and his Amazing Anachronism Time Machine to be the only person in 2014 to use the word “sniggering?”

I’ve paid for programs at some pretty large events, because these days, “program” often refers to the large, coffee-table-book-sized booklets filled with info about the making of the show, behind-the-scenes photos, huge fold-out images of the show itself, in-depth cast or crew info, etc. They’re collectors items and well worth buying for a lot of events.


Snicker. Chuckle. Chortle. Giggle. Guffaw. Gibber. Titter. Snort. Crow. Jabber. Quack. Burble. Blather. We speak English - go ahead and pick whatever synonym suits your tastes better.

I’m sorry you think I’m the only person in 2014 that uses the word, or that words have some sort of shelf-life and ought not be used if they’re of some abritrary age or irregularity, and I apologize if my word choice is not trendy or fashionable enough for your tastes.

I confess, I oft repine that my vocubulary is so compendius as to sometimes prove illimitably invidious among peccant mammothrepts, but being an unabashed epeolatrist, I relish the opportunity to employ a vocable replete with verbal coruscation. Pray, in pathos absolve me of my logorrhea, and think me not a grammaticaster, poetaster, nor witticaster!


Aha! This I did not know!

I appreciate the explanation. Thanks!

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You are Will Self, and I claim my five pounds.


I call ‘fake.’ The pickle isn’t fried.


“Apparently this is one of those “If you need to ask, you’ll never know”
situations, and I’m just some stupid rube who is too “uncultured” or
whatever to be in on things?”

Overtone, sorry, not tone. You do come on with some strong overtones of sarcasm at times,

e.g. “I apologize if my X is not Y enough for your tastes”

just cut some breaks. be the change. Also, not a problem, just sayin’

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