HGTV not saying how much it paid for the Brady house

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Well that’s a home that will now cease to be a residence. I’m sure the neighbors will be thrilled.


Sad I don’t watch HGTV or otherwise give them money, as I don’t have anything to ‘quit’ now. Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to keep it up. :smirk:


Are there seriously people who like the show that much?

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It’s also worth nothing that the home itself was not used in the show all that much, it was used for external shots but everything inside the house was filmed in a studio so what is HGTV realistically “restoring”? There’s nothing to restore, they’re better off recreating the studio set in a similar kind of studio space. They could even show how the show was shot and everything.

But totally, how many fans are there still? :stuck_out_tongue:



I want to hear the unsafe stories now.


You’re never more than a quick Google search away

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Reality has a way of finding balance… All that saccharine can’t stand alone.

If you want to walk around and see the inside of the Brady Bunch home the way it was on the show -Check out this website. I model iconic tv homes in 3D and have video walk-through tours. All the familiar rooms and furnishings are there. Walk around like you own the place! Then, I remodel them! Next up is the Brady Bunch home.

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Doesn’t the selling price become part of the public record when the deed is filed?


There’s enough to merit what HGTV did, which is buy advertising in a huge number of outlets. Whatever they paid was probably less than it would have cost to advertise here, most news channels, and a solid number of print newspapers. They can also tap the house for a bonus ad run a few times in the future. They can announce the filming of a new show there, or hold an open house, or just resell it for a major national ad campaign any time they want.

You might also find it in the tax records.

Anything to get clicks. Reality is no obstacle for the press obsessed.

One Billion Dollars?

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