A 19th century Lithuanian book smuggler defies the autocrat's book-ban

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That’ll start in the USA soon, really.


This dude was god damn hero that’s for sure.


For a second I thought it was Rich from “Mountain Men”.

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I’ll be memorizing Ecclesiastes, don’t wanna get caught with an actual book!


We are going to need people with his courage and convictions starting in the next few weeks and continuing until we can rid ourselves of the menace in power and out of control.


No doubt with Spanish-language textbooks … including textbooks to teach the Spanish language. I wish I could say I was joking.

This book smuggler stands as an example for us today; resist and defy wherever you can, even if it seems like a small thing.


This is one of the facts of history that slips through the cracks, at least in my Western European perspective: that not only was there for four hundred years a country called Poland-Lithuania (or variations thereon), but that it was one of the biggest countries in Europe, covering at its height most of modern day Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic republics.

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Yes, before dystopian ‘firemen’ swoop in and snag your reads!

Vincas Juska, Book Smuggler!

I like that. A great title for a movie. Show Vincas bashing ignoramuses and loons up side the head with that walking stick of his. I’d pay to see that.

Weird I thought Alexander II was the “the Liberator” Tsar. He was a great Grand Prince of Finland anyway.
Here he’s statue still standing middle of Helsinki:

Of course we used to have Admiral Tōgō Heihachirō beer in Finland too:

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