A 1x1 tracking pixel was used as evidence of treason against 30,000 Turks, sent tens of thousands to jail


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/01/28/30000-accused.html


In other words, they couldn|t find anything incriminating, so they took the only common denominator—a tracking pixel—and decided that must be the evidence they were looking for. I would not be surprised if someone leaked that this tracking pixel was also on Erdogan’s own phone.


Erm. A little more expansion on how attorneys are constructing cases there would be appreciated.


This is why I deleted my accounts on several sites about a year ago.


Just a reminder that it isn’t just the Gülenists that Erdogan is after. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some HDP members in there.



are they sure? …just asking because there are a lot of pixels on the internet and quite a few of them look quite similar. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Atlas Tags? Ataturk tags? what are we talking about here


I think you and Erdogan may have…departed from shared understanding of procedure…some time before ‘attorneys’ and ‘constructing cases’ entered the picture.


turkish social media is a terrifying thing. i happened upon an ultranationalist turkish bbs while looking through image search for photos of kurdish separatist groups (PKK and YKK).
one site had a bunch of pictures of a kurd’s twitter posts that defamed turkey, erdogan and ataturk. then the next set of pictures was that same kurd with his skull turned inside out, and a turkish flag hanging on the wall behind his body. These people are savage


And the fed Still wonders why we get worked up about the FSB (I mean the NSA) hoovering up all our metadata!
Sure right now this isn’t enough to have legal action taken against you in the USSA but eventually it may be.


LOL. Attorneys. Good one, man.

Also, for a quick overview on what is going on there:


Ataturk is turning over in his grave, again.




(And from having imagined many conspiracies in his time)


What color was the pixel?


likely a clear transparent 1x1 pixel 43byte 2 color indexed gif, which i believe is the smallest valid image.


Shit! I clicked that! Now I’m being tracked! aaaaaaaaae!


In the meantime, there’s nothing to worry about, except that the corporations that are collecting that data can secretly use it to deny you insurance or jobs or healthcare or…


This raises concerns for me regarding a recent proposal by the Australian government (I think it was) that was aimed (ostensibly) at increasing barriers to Chinese domestic and corporate espionage and influence in politics. One provision made receiving confidential information illegal and this has provoked a lot of legitimate concerns.

It would be very easy for a government to introduce some kind of tracker to information that was confidential (but possibly even false) but appeared to be VERY important to public interest, provide it to a political opponent or an advocacy group and use that itself as a means of pressing criminal charges by showing the tracker still exists EVEN IF the document is subsequently destroyed by an organisation that realises it isn’t appropriate for it to handle the information.


Here it is so you don’t even have to click on it: