A 45-year-old tech mogul spends $2M a year to make his body 18 again

No - he looks 45 - but better him than me for trying all this.
It’s not like he’s hurting anybody (though the mention of his teenager doing some of this gives me great pause).


“I cling to a drill.”

“Me too - what colour is yours?”


That’s all I’m sayin’. It’s his time and money to waste on futility, obvi.




I agree for the most part but I don’t think we can say for sure what will or won’t trickle down from all this. Many legitimate scientific breakthroughs come from serendipitous random trial and error - which is basically what this guys is doing - to a sample of one.

Reading through - it’s looking like genetic therapy is next on the shopping list. What an asskick to find out all those sludgey smoothies and coffee enemas might have been a waste of time if something more advanced can do all that and more quicker.

All this, of course, is speculation and fantasy. How many of us have wondered what life would be like if aliens came and improved us in some way? I know I have - in my (vain) attempts to keep up with younger peers athletically.

And - as another has mentioned - do we really want to extend our 80s and 90s into the 100s? Shit goes downhill fast at that age - seems like prolonging our suffering to me.


All that money on expensive supplements, and most of it is just going to be excreted out as waste. :confused: Literally flushing money down the drain.


So this is a sad waste of money on the impossible, but I will give him this. Of all the things these tech moguls try to buy, lost youth is one of the first that is actually kind of sympathetic.


It does have something to do with life extension - it’s a negative. Using hair dye frequently increases risks, both directly to the skin of the scalp and for the respiratory tract interactions with harsh volatile chemicals.


Gotta say, having fewer boners than I did when I was 18 is one of the things I truly appreciate about getting older. With all due sympathy to those in my cohort for who struggle with sexual dysfunction, the reduction in libido to a reasonable level leaves a lot more breathing room and focus in the day…


Gonna be honest, I copy-pasted that part and didn’t even check the links. Now I’m both mad that I left them in, and ashamedly mad that I didn’t swap them out for my own Amazon affiliate links (look, I said I was being honest).


I think that there are two very distinct considerations there: I’m absolutely not in camp wants-to-live-forever, I suspect that death will be one of my sounder lifestyle choices; but there’s a pretty significant difference between futile grasping at immortality and the recognition that aging stops handing out any prizes worth receiving, and typically starts actively hurting, some decades before it kills you.

I suspect most people who want to live forever of being incorrect(and many of the remainder of being dangerous); but that’s quite distinct from thinking we’d generally be better off if we felt like we were maybe early-mid 20s right up until dying swiftly and suddenly.


umm, didn’t science recently prove that supplements are largely worthless?

also, i’m convinced this is stealth marketing for some upcoming horror movie.


eh, whatever. This is actually seems fairly benign (even if, ultimately worthless).

He’s spending the money, not hoarding it, he’s not destroying perfectly good companies and people’s livelihoods, not taking trips in ridiculously polluting rocket ships.


I think the fact that he’s the experiment is what is honestly, kind of cool? Like, he’s spending his money to test it all on himself, not someone else. I hope he does share the things that don’t work for him, like the supplements that don’t seem to have any effect (although with that routine, who could tell what supplement is having what affect).

And is it just me or is 300 mcg of melatonin, like not worth taking? I take 5-10 mg plus a prescription to get to sleep. Does this man not have anxiety?

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Real talk there; I’m far less concerned with not being ‘young and hot’ forever than I am about how much getting older fucking hurts.

As Bette Davis supposedly said once; ‘Getting old ain’t for wussies.’


I didn’t skim the diet stuff to notice that. Less than 1/3 of an mg? What? That’s so low that it needs to be compounded. I don’t think I’ve seen anything less than 1 before, and I take 10. Looking on Amazon, even kid’s melatonin (that can’t possibly be a good idea, can it?) is 1 mg.

Aha! A few pages in the results, and it sounds like he’s gullible. “Life Extension, 300 mcg 6 hour time release melatonin”


Would someone please tell the guy that he needs a different kind of medical attention.


Seems to me that what this guy and his team are doing is sucking any and all joy out of living. Me? Having turned 50 a coupla weeks ago, I’m much more interested in sustaining and even increasing joy in whatever time I have left. Starting with the yum cha lunch me, family and friends will be having tomorrow to celebrate my birthday!


Welcome to the Decade of DGAF! Enjoy it while you can.


Peter Thiel as Count Dracula. This guy seems more like Dr Frankenstein and his monster. I’m not sure who Musk is emulating.

Paypal/eBay mafia classic horror sideshows, distracting from the real horror of how they use their Schrodinger’s Billions.