A beautiful book about walking to coffeeshops in rural Japan

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Those kissaten — or kissa — served up toast. I ate that toast. So. Much. Toast.


Did someone say TOAST?

Mmmmm. :slight_smile:

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A friend took me to a kissaten where I learned that coffee was actually good. Before, I had only ever been exposed to things like Hills Brothers and Folgers — swill from a five pound tin that I swore my relatives only drank to get the cans for storing excess nuts and bolts.

Japan is also where I had coffee ice cream that tasted as good as coffee smells. :blush:


This sounds great, as does a podcast about making books. I’m definitely adding that to the feed.

fine-art archival matte Japanese body papers (Araveal White, 110kg)

And I love a photo book printed on matte paper

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I didn’t know you liked toast! How could we have known?

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No idea. (Whistles, nonchalantly.)


For those who want a little taste of the book I’ve just found this article about his journey by poking about on the author’s website.

I like this guy’s approach to life and to his work.


Sent this on to Merry White, a food anthropologist at BU and author of the book Coffee Life in Japan. Might be a good companion read for while you’re eating that toast, so, much, toast.

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