A better toilet plunger

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Just having a base to set it on is also a huge selling point. My trusty old plunger is currently sitting in a grocery sack, having been downgraded from its prior occupancy of a trash can.


One thing I’m not looking for in a plunger is a handle full of nooks and crannies like an english muffin.


So this is right out?


That red handle is screaming “Look at me” just a bit too loudly.

Why has no one marketed a toilet plunger with a dalek attached?

(extra bonus points if it made “exterminate” sounds while being used)


Is the markup on a cheap piece of plastic greater than the bottle of Liquid Plumber?

If it’s so deep that the handle goes underwater, just give up and move to a new home…


If you are in a situation where you need “to push down with a lot more force than a simple pole handle” then I’m afraid a plunger is not going to solve your problem.


Sound advice.


Amen. As someone who, for reasons I don’t understand, has to unplug blocked toilets in our house rather regularly, I can safely say that the amount of force that you’re able to apply is not the limiting factor. You do need a good plunger, but it’s the shape of the “business end” (so to speak), together with proper technique, that really matter.

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Not to mention, its the pulling (suction) that does the job. Pushing will just jam that shit in there even more.

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I don’t think that is a plunger - that thing just has a secure suction base…

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I am not sure the photo contradicts my assertion. :wink:

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While I have a traditional plunger, I also invested in a 6 foot toilet auger (snake). If the plunger doesn’t work the first few pulls, then the snake does, and with less hassle overall.

This is a good plunger.

This is the best plunger in my opinion, same as above but thinner (edit: it’s called Pongtu https://www.amazon.com/Pongtu-Toilet-Disposable-Sticker-Plunger/dp/B00UW7V06E)
Bye Bye Plunger! Korean Inventors Introduce A Genius Toilet Unclogging Device

Just skip it all together and get an auger. Way easier.

That may be the point. :grin: