Woman gets hand stuck in toilet, fire department called to break it


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Some days just suck…


Mark, why perpetuate this stupid moment of oversharing? The FB page where it is posted has a sexist comment and a link for “licensing information.” BoingBoing is better than this.

What happens when women try to do men’s work :sweat_smile::sob::joy: Gracie Henderson
Please share! :rofl:
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wow, thats crappy.


That headline set up a drama: would “it” be the toilet or her hand?


She held up pretty well through the whole ordeal. Although, once she was free, she did look a bit flushed.


A plunger is one of those tools that is absolutely worth the price.


I may be dense, but I cannot imagine how one could clear a clog in a toilet with one’s hand.



Why on earth would she want to unclog it by hand? Could’ve used any number of things… but your hand???


This is hands down the worst way I have seen to unclog a toilet.


Lucky for her she had clothes on.


Ok, any reason they felt the need to use a sledgehammer. A small maul or ball peen would have sufficed. Proud of their restraint, but give the lady a pair of safety glasses, especially if you are going to film it.

It does not show prior attempts but first attempt should have been a heavy does of liquid soap or mineral oil. Her arm looks dry. I think someone wanted to break a toilet today.


That’s some amazing plunger work. It looks like she ganked a brown alligator loose. And how did you find that without the words “THANKS OBAMA” tacked on the end?

On a more serious note, the fellows at the fire department were taking her life in their hands. They make knives out of porcelain for a reason. A cracked chunk of toilet pottery is unbelievably sharp!


Maybe she dropped something valuable down there and was trying to retrieve it a-la Ed Harris’ wedding ring in The Abyss.

That’s certainly the story I’d be telling even if the truth was “didn’t have a plunger handy.”


Brings back bad memories from when I dropped my $800 dental appliance in the toilet while it was flushing.


Now she has to get a new toilet for the yard.


I heard it was her phone ??? Her phone dropped in the toilet and she went after it, either that or Univision is full of it like usual >_> they always give the news half way, like plot points missing and the like


That was my first thought. What if it shatters the wrong way and cuts her.


It would be nice if you could request no photos for incidents like this.