Woman, seeking her phone, falls headfirst into a vault toilet

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Not again!


You would think you were learn to just let it go… because, man, it’s gone.

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Apparently not. She was able to use it to call 911.

OK how do so many cell-phones end up in toilets!? So i get this much: you’re sitting there and for want of other brain distraction you’re using your cell-phone (germs ahoy!) but how, so often, does it get from in front of you to dumped ‘down in the valley’? …even asked an acquaintance or two precisely how this happened to them and was met with a frown and no reply.



The one time it happened to me (not in a pit toilet thank God), it was in my back pocket - so when I proceeded to drop trou, it flipped out and right into the drink. Clean water at that point too - again, thank God!


I have a grim tale…

So yeah, I’d been having upset insides, produced… horribleness. Loose horribleness. Think half-melted chocolate ice cream…
I think my phone was in a hoodie pocket and well, slipped out, into it… Plop, indeed, to my utter horror :scream:
This is where it gets darkly hilarious though…
It was an iPhone and obviously got wet and covered in… Unpleasantness. It must have caused some glitching stuff with the lightning port because on screen it said, and I kid you not, I burst out laughing, “This iPhone is not compatible with this accessory” (word accurate to best of my memory)

I nearly dropped it in again with initial laugh bursting out. Laughing/crying at what I was holding, because I wasn’t waiting to go get rubber gloves or anything. It was instinct hand dip grab straight away to save it, with as little immersion time possible.
I did save it too. Dried it out and was fine. However… I couldn’t forget. It was thoroughly disinfected, of course, but, I couldn’t forget. Every touch of the screen was tiny trauma. Certainly didn’t want to put it near my face. So, I traded it in for new phone, ha. Who knows where that ended up and if it had another, entirely unaware user.
I did wonder if they got to know… like you told them when they had it squashed between there face and shoulder, hands full, what they’d instinctly do? Let it drop with a mighty ewwww and drop kick it far away? Ha, if it was me I probably would.

A hilariously grim experience, to be sure.


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