A brief history of chartreuse furniture


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Chartreuse is not calming and peaceful color.
Chartreuse is gouge-your-eyes-with-a-rusty-spoon-and-then-tap-dance-on-them color.
There are better, less aggressive hues of green.


You know how they sell stores little ultrasonic high frequency noise makers that are intended to irritate teens who can still hear upper-register sounds so that they will “get off my lawn.” I think that the current fashion for Chartreuse office furniture is supposed to irritate us oldsters whose tastes do not include this color palate. I generally like IKEA, but I don’t like the fact that so much of their stuff is this color…In another 30 years people will laugh at it just like we laugh at the avocado green that was popular in the 70s…


Luckily we have easy remedies with less loud colors.


There is actually something very interesting about chartreuse.

Ask a bunch of people what color it is. A lot of them will say “it’s a shade of red.” In fact depending upon the group you ask, it may actually be a majority.


I wouldn’t think that there was that much call for “DDR Green” these days…Although “Olive Drap” amuses me…


I like lime green very much, but it looks markedly better against black than against white. Much less eye-gouge-y, too.

@simonize: Full disclosure: I b oldz. It’s menz that hates the colourz. :slight_smile: [edit - to be clear, this is not a serious statement.]


“Better” when discussing a color is farcical! I love chartreuse, though not enough to go painting any rooms that color.

I don’t get the “muted and bland is better” mindset a lot of people have about colors. Paint walls orange! Get a purple car! Why go about life with a silver car and Navajo White living room?



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It’s not quite the same color, and the lighting makes it look more mint and less lime, but I had a chair reupholstered and refinished.

The man who did the reupholster job said that this was the ugliest chair he had ever seen… and he meant the after version. Yeah, I don’t care, because I LOVE it. I am happy every time I sit in it. But, if I could have found a strongly chartreuse fabric, I would have used that.


I see too much beige all day, why should I look at it - at all- at home? My kitchen is super lime, my living room is orange, cranberry and yellow, one of my bathrooms is turquoise the other is purple (bedroom is a quiet sage, though). My car is silver, though, but only because I don’t ever care to waste money washing it.

Life is too short for white walls. Get neutral furniture, and go nuts with the paint.

@cleveremi: I totally dig the ‘after,’ very nice.


Mmm… Avocado green furniture with a slightly fade red shag carpet that’s now slightly pink… That’s muh Jams. And yes I am wearing a lime green shirt and my wife is wearing an… Evergreen (?) Dress.

But seriously, I like light avocado green. Chartreuse always looks a little bright under daylight.


I prefer camo green. Darker, less intense.

Thought: a line of tactical furniture in such color, with various weapons concealed in. Minicannon in a table leg, shotgun in a chair one…





Tactical … furniture.



Why… not? :smiley:


http://interieurgeek.com/2013/08/renne-8-bit-chez-ikea-monika-mulder/ is my favorite IKEA accessory, a lime-green 8-bit deer.


Funny, it occurred to me as I read this (BBS first) that I had head of “chartreuse” but had no idea what color it represented. First guess? Sounds wine-y, like Burgundy or Marsala. So, I though it’s probably yet another deep dark red of some description. I mean, no one names colors for white wines, right? Right?

So it’s a zesty green-yellow named after some wine-namey liquor I’ve never heard of. Huh. Makes me wonder if there’s a name for the neon Aperol orange-red it reminds me of.


Cordura. Black. Zipped pouches everywhere. Bam. The only way I can think of making this more tactical is velcroing a bunch of black reverse US flag patches to it.