A brief history of yarn in video games


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They were both mentioned in the lead paragraphs. My listicle reading skills just aren’t all that up to snuff at 4:30 in the morning.


If that was a post about the curious lack of Kirby’s Epic Yarn, I was just about to mention the same thing.

I might also mention the Game Boy sewing machine peripheral, but that easily falls out of scope.


I believe Gnomoria has spinning yarn as a crafting step.


I LOVE “Bubsy” - all of the games! Two reasons for that: 1. I actually beat the bosses once without using any codes; and 2. The puns are SO bad!


wait, wait. i’m still confused… what is yarn :neutral_face:?? and what is it’s function :fearful:??


Let’s not forget the “Yarn Bounce” minigame in Pokemon X and Y.

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